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We propel your ideas and aspirations into reality

Who are we ?

We specialize in the global management of highly creative projects.

Authentic, honest, positive, passionate, our teams are composed of the best talents from around the world.

We bring together highly skilled professionals, providing the most cutting-edge approaches and technology adapted to your needs, deadline and budget.

Multicolore Project's vision involves full production services for large-scale events all over the world. 360 vision, turnkey solutions.

Our values


We believe that precision of execution, commitment, and passion are the keys to delivering the highest quality experiences and events.


We are idealistic dreamers. We like to imagine, create and produce out-of-the-ordinary experiences that provide our audience with memorable moments.


From our relationship with our audiences to our creative and musical choices, we build our experiences on an equitable, inclusive vision and a deep sense of community.


We adapt to our client's needs and embrace a project's constraints as a challenge. We strive to simplify work processes and focus on the essentials.

Our services


Global consultation services and feasibility study


Concept development
Event and show design
Scenic design
Costume design
Video content design
Lighting design

Sound design
Musical composition
Special effects


Executive production
Production management
Stage management

Casting management
Props management
Wardrobe management


Site management
Venue management
Freight management
Travel and lodging
Health & safety management
Event security

Event medical services
Food & beverage
Logistics travel and lodging


Technical direction

Local management crew

Administrative support

Production finances
RFP process management
Human ressources

Procurement process
Legal services

Our team

Pascal Lefebvre


Gathering and unifying. Curious and open. Inspired and inspiring.

Pascal Lefebvre has kept the fiber and values that led him to create, with his long-time accomplices Piknic Électronik in 2003 and Igloofest in 2007.

The driving force behind the growth of the Multicolore group, Pascal is a team player for those who listen, collegiality, the mix of talents and creative collaborations to generate memorable immersive experiences and truly innovative content.

A shining industry role model, generous at heart and an outstanding partner, Pascal distinguishes himself by his natural leadership. He develops privileged business relationships that benefit both our projects and our clients. He accompanies the efforts of everyone towards the achievement of common objectives with dynamism, rigor and drive. Wherever he goes, his employees outdo themselves.

Louis-David Loyer

Executive Producer

Passionate about people.

Louis-David Loyer has close ties to both the product and production. He pays particular attention to detail, has a holistic view of whatever he’s working on, and makes full use of his role as lever to maximize development and project implementation.

Before cofounding Piknic Électronik and Igloofest, Louis-David got his start in the field of experiential and digital production with Quartier des Spectacles, MUTEK, and the NFB. His experience provided him with the confidence and hindsight needed to support teams that are as efficient as they are complementary.

Louis-David Loyer’s diverse experience in creation, production, and broadcasting have enabled him to develop a sixth sense for content and a curiosity when it comes to creative input.

Martin Lévesque

Executive Producer

The world is a playground.

Martin has worked on such large-scale international productions as Cirque du Soleil shows, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, and the 2021 UAE National Day Festival celebrations.

As the core of Multicolore Projects, Martin puts teams together, drafts action plans, and brings talent together in order to create exceptional, memorable projects.

Martin Lévesque’s greatest strength is his ability to manage projects globally and actively. From project inception to completion, Martin supports creators and their ideas, providing much-needed encouragement and a reassuring vision to help them achieve their goals.

Martin has put his significant experience to work for such renowned international brands as Balich Wonder Studio, David Atkins Enterprises, FiveCurrents, Fever, Cirque du Soleil, Lune Rouge Entertainment, SSENSE, Red Bull Music, Canadian Heritage, Creativiva Worldwide Inc., P&O Cruises, Ubisoft, and many more.

Céline Payelle

VP Marketing & Development

A passionate and meticulous builder.

Céline Payelle leads projects with a clear vision and effective approach. Over the course of her career, she has helped to develop numerous projects around the world for such companies as Groupe Cirque du Soleil, 45DEGREES, and Lune Rouge.

From business to content and product development, Céline knows how to knit close relationships with different teams to ensure they have all they need to successfully meet their objectives.

Céline Payelle plays a cross-functional role that makes full use of her expertise in brand management, integrated campaigns, marketing strategies, and the building of business relationships.

Pascale Lefebvre

Second to the VP Marketing & Development

The effectiveness of flexibility

Pascale Lefebvre manages projects with a great ability to adapt. Her background allows her to accompany clients and partners with accuracy and relevance.

From broadcasting to production, Pascale has been involved in many aspects of the artistic field during her career. These varied experiences have shaped her versatile personality which allows her to have the right reflexes combined with relevant knowledge in several fields.

When it comes to supporting business development, she ensures the coordination and logistics of the projects to make the link between all the stakeholders.

Pascale has previously worked at La maison fauve, Evenko, Spectra, Productions J and Just For Laughs. This is where she gets her great flexibility, her dynamism and her multifaceted professionalism.

Xavier Habouzit

Project manager - Development

The magic of the unifier

With his global vision of projects and his experience in uniting energies, Xavier Habouzit leads project management with rigor. His role consists of linking the various stakeholders in order to unite their strengths and know-how towards a common goal.

Xavier has a rich and varied experience in the field of musical events. He started his career at the Coopérative de mai, a music venue in Clermont-Ferrand, France. He then worked for the MEG festival in Montreal, which promotes emerging music, the SAT and the Chromatic festival in Paris.

Since 2016, Xavier has been involved in the programming and logistics of Piknic Electronik and Igloofest. Since the beginning of 2023, he brings his management skills and his complete vision to the development team in the lead up of events and production.

Lilian Laucoin

Project Manager

The art of doing things right.

Lilian Laucoin has always had art and culture at heart. His first professional experiences led him to work for heritage sites, exhibitions and art galleries in Versailles and Nîmes, where he was able to develop his skills in management, production coordination, logistics and layout. Attracted by the world of artists and creation, Lilian then turned to cultural events.

Arriving in Quebec in 2017, he immediately joined the production team of Multicolore where he embarked on projects in a wide variety of fields. As a project manager, he brings his sense of detail and strategic vision to clients such as Sid Lee, Ubisoft, SSENSE, Yulism, Evenko, SDC Saint- Denis, Tourisme Montréal, Quartier des Spectacles and FBM Canada.

Whether it's for creative or corporate projects, large-scale events or virtual versions, Lilian always proceeds with rigor and attention to details, because he likes it to be done the right way.

Our methodology

Our experience in various markets shapes our expertise on a daily basis.

Multicolore Projects structures and organizes its work methodology by using a positive approach with three key management priorities:

  • Rigor and agility;
  • Cohesion and teamwork;
  • Effective and strategic communication.
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